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Mission-critical 24/7 online courses and real-time testing

If you are looking for learning platform, you have come to the right place. We provide a robust set of FlexTraining templates for rapid course development and easy assembly. This framework is the newest and best simplified online training system available.

One Stop Shopping

FlexTraining provides a complete portfolio of integrated E-Learning Software tools. Since it's also easy to configure, it is not necessary to buy a training platform from one vendor, a course authoring tool from another, and a tracking system from a third.

Re-use Existing Learning Materials

You have already invested in creating operational materials that you use in classroom training and informal information distribution. Now, us our built-in templates, learner exercises, narration and multimedia support to create a powerful E-Learning user experience.

On-demand Training For Large Groups

This kind of training is student-guided. A learner accesses the system when he or she is able to, from various locations and time zones. This means 24 hours a day, seven days a week availability. For large organizations, FlexTraining and our Login & Go service are an excellent fit.

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FlexTraining Online Training System

Complete platform for E-Learning, testing, and tracking


Advantages of a Dedicated Training Server

1. Performance. A dedicated server has only your FlexTraining copy running on it, with no other customers and no other web sites. So performance should be noticeably improved, particularly during peak periods of training, and especially when multimedia content is in use.

2. Separation of resources (rack server, memory, disk storage, operating system) from everyone else. A dedicated server allows for easier trouble-shooting, simplified firewall configuration and yields better support. If the system runs slow on a given day, we don’t have to perform extensive analysis and diagnostics to determine which customer’s FlexTraining site is the cause. We know right where to look and how to start resolving the problem.

3. Eliminate impact of activity spikes from other large customers. In late Jan, a video-based training was pretty intense for a week or two, and other customers noticed an impact on their response time. The next time, it is likely that spikes in the activity of other customers will impact (or have impacted) the delivery of several courses. A dedicated server removes this potential problem.

A Complete Learning System

For nearly 20 years, e-learning has been praised as the single most important trend in business and organizational training. Yet many companies are still trying to figure out how to make it work. One factor which may lead to complicvations is the fact that instructors, managers, and students access the system at different times. and each one accesses the e-learning platform privately, not as a group. this limits the opportunity for interaction and feedback, and for collaboration.

But just as inportant is the ongoing concern about ease of use. While developers continuously claim that their systems are easy to use, evidence seems to run the other way. As training systems seek to provide more and more features, they do so as the cost of simplicity, and e-learning course development seems to take alonger and longer.

In a manufacturing setting, the goal is to ensure that every employee is effective at the minimum set of tasks that he or she performs. In a services firm, the goal may be to make sure everyone is familiar with every operation or service provided.

FlexTraining is the only streamlined online education system which quickly adapts to your unique learning and collaborative model. You can easily tailor the system to match your company's specific needs without programming or complex setup. For exaplme, Skill Groups may be defined, assigned, and tracked, or they may simply be disabled with a single mouse click.

FlexTraining is an end-to-end E-Learning solution, providing:
  • Interactivity for knowledge retention
  • Course templates, Exercises, Certificates, and Exams
  • Instructor-led or student-paced training
  • Engaging content, text, multimedia, video support, images, and narration support
  • The ability to re-use your classroom learning content or create new learning material
  • Robus but simple planning, tracking, reporting and analysis
  • User-driven choices about course design, formats, policies, and behaviors

And you always have the option of licensing the FlexTraining system "behind the firewall" or simply using our "Login & Go" program, a SaaS model.

An E-Learning Software License

Many companies host their own web server, and simply load the FlexTraining software platform directly onto their internal network. This yields complete control of the training system and technical environment, and the customer handles hosting responsibilities like security, equipment provisioning and data backups.

Login & Go SaaS Option

Some companies are not interested in licensing a server-based technology sich as an E-Learning system. In tese cases, our Login & Go service is the optimal solution. Login & Go subscribers enjoy a complete development, management and training system with all system features built-in. Login & Go is a streamlined option that eliminates technology and support costs, and is an economical way to deliver on-demand training to hundreds or thousands of users.




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